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Physical Symptoms of Anxiety - Exactly What To Look For

By Adam C. Murray  

Physical symptoms of anxiety and stress will most likely happen when someone might be worried or when they are going through a lot of pressure. If these types of symptoms continue over an extended period of time, major health problems could arise because such symptoms are dangerous to the immune function of your body. If you're able to identify such symptoms and take the appropriate actions to handle them, then you will be at far less risk than most people who don't do anything about them.

What really causes the physical symptoms to occur?

Usually, stress comes at random with daily tasks that you find are hard handle. If there are any events, which could be seen as "threatening", stress levels can and will increase. For instance, someone might worry while riding on a bus, when they are running late meeting someone, they may find traffic hectic while driving, and others might react totally inappropriate to any other range of problems.

Stress is usually tied with any events or situations that a person may find hard to deal with. The way a persons mindset is and he/she view things will always affect their stress levels. When one worries, physical symptoms of anxiety will most likely show. If you have high expectations of your life, or even people around you, it's highly possible you will experience your fair share of stress in achieving your goals. Not to say you shouldn't have high expectations of yourself, but just know the stress helps push you along. It's not always bad!

Personal factors that could cause symptoms to occur: 

  • False or inappropriate expectations
  • Continual poor health habits
  • Reckless behavior
  • A general bad attitude towards everything

What are the physical symptoms of anxiety stress?

Stress affects your mind, body, and your general behavior in lots of ways. Stress will vary for different people as well as stress levels. Although, any kind of stress can have an impact on ones life and cause harm to their health if experienced continually over time.
Listed below are a few symptoms, think of yourself and others and see if any of these apply to you.

Mind symptoms of anxiety stress: 

  • Can not slow down thoughts; Trouble concentrating
  • Having trouble making decisions
  • Experiencing the same thoughts continually
  • Lack of good judgment
  • Trouble concentrating or your attention span is short
  • Experiencing problems with your memory
  • General confusion over simple concepts

Body Symptoms of anxiety stress 

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Higher blood pressure levels
  • Problems with digesting
  • Increased weight gain
  • Continual headaches
  • Problems with your skin; dryness, flaking, etc.
  • Increased weight loss
  • Reproductive problems, such as skipped periods
  • Common fatigue over and over
  • Sweating more than often especially when not physically active