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Build Up Your Self Esteem

Having low self esteem is not something you are born with.......and it is not something that is set and unchanging throughout your life.

Low self esteem is a fixed and negative frame of mind that you have about yourself or some aspect of your personality.

And that is all it is.....a fixed and negative frame of mind.....and that fixed and negative frame of mind is built up from negative personal experiences and thoughts from your past.

  • An emotionally or physically abusive relationship.
  • Extreme embarrassment or humiliation.
  • Failure.
  • Negative people putting you down.
  • Pressures of life.

Some difference that others poke fun at…….etc etc etc

Many types of negative experiences can be at the roots of low self esteem.

And as you go through your life with low self esteem that fixed and negative frame of mind will affect everything you do.

It will affect the relationships you make, the career you choose and also your physical and mental health too. So although low self esteem can be simply defined, the effects of low self esteem can be very complex and far reaching.

It is possible to change the fixed frames of mind which fuel your low self esteem...... There is a certain way to do it, and once you have achieved it, your feelings of low self esteem will soon become a thing of the past and you will start to present a much more positive, happy and content face to the world and to yourself.